Penis pumps do work, Penis pumps or “vacuum erection devices”(VCD) is an external pump therapy that a man with erectile dysfunction (ED) can use to get and maintain an erection and sometimes used for male enhancement.

Some pump devices  include a constriction ring or penis ring that you wear at the base of your penis.


Can Penis Pumps Be Used For Male Enhancement? 

There is none clinical trial evidence to validate effectiveness of pumps for permanent penis enlargement purposes, however, men on online forums have reported up to an inch of instant and temporary human penis size girth gain after using the device for 10-15 minutes.

Cylinder of vacuum pumps may, over a long period of time, stimulate some permanent girth and length gains.

Hand Pump:

Turn on the pump if it is battery powered or use the hand powered pump to start removing excessive air from in the the plastic tube.

Side effect:

The pump is a safe and effective as an alternative to oral medications for men, there are some potential risks:

  • Pain 
  • bruising
  • Blood disorders that put you at risk for bleeding events or blood-thinning medications may preclude you from using a pump safely, including blood clots and sickle cell anemia.
  •  Burst blood vessels (Small red dots and petechiae)

Don’t leave the constriction ring for more than 30 minutes.

Medications prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction include sildenafil [Viagra] and vardenafil [Levitra, Staxyn], tadalafil [Cialis]



Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Management :
Using a vacuum pump toy such as Bathmate won’t cure erectile dysfunction, but it might create an erection hard enough for you to have sexual intercourse for men with trouble getting an erection.

Pumps are non-invasive treatment options. They don’t require surgery and penile implant operations, or injecting of medicine into the penis.

Up to an inch of instant/temporary girth gain: Pumps, Does cause enlargement by temporarily swelling the penis on average, typically lasting for a few hours.

A pump has an advantage of being somewhat effective after procedures, such as radiation therapy for prostate cancer or prostate surgeries.